Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dr. Drive-Thru is here to help.

About Us

The Dr. Drive-Thru blog has been created by the affiliated companies of to provide information and assistance to owners and managers of drive-thru equipped quick-serve or fast food restaurants. Our affiliated companies sell, install, and service drive-thru intercom systems, both wired and wireless, drive-thru timer systems, order and price confirmation displays, and all the parts and accessories needed to keep these systems running. Most of our affiliates also sell, install, and service other equipments, such as video surveillance (CCTV) products for the customers in their areas as well. Our affiliates are authorized dealers/service providers for all of the major brands such as HME, 3M, Panasonic, Delphi Display, Texas Digital, etc.

Our affiliated companies are all operated by independent business owners. Most of us have been in this business for at least 10 years and many of us have 15 or more years of experience in drive-thru equipment service. We are personally in the field taking care of our customers every day. As individual companies, we are small enough to be completely accountable to our customers, providing the best service possible. As affiliates in a larger organization, we can stay on top of changes in the market, share information on new products, and buy many parts and accessories in larger quantities, saving our companies money. We then pass the savings on to you.

About Our Blog

While we would love to sell a fancy new headset system to every customer who comes our way, that is not the goal of this blog.  This site has been established to inform you of new products, show you how to better use and maintain the products you already have, and to provide answers to your questions. Many of the topics we will discuss are ways to help you keep your existing drive-thru equipment in the best condition possible. Given the current economic climate, we know most stores do not want to spend thousands on a new headset system if they don't have to, but when you are ready to upgrade, or are in need of on-site service, we hope you will remember to contact your nearest affiliate and allow us to compete for your drive-thru or surveillance equipment business.

No Rules

No matter what the current discussion thread contains, every topic is wide open. Ask any question. Comments are not moderated. You do not have to identify yourself to anyone. If you have an issue we cannot address here, we can help you find the information or assistance you need.

If you would prefer to contact one of us via email or phone, please go to our affiliated companies page and select the contact nearest you. Otherwise, please bookmark this page and come back often for information and tips to keep your drive-thru up to speed. We also ask that you spread the word to others in your organization, as well as anyone you know in the industry who might be interested in the information here.

Thanks for stopping by!

John Wilks
ESP Communications
Kansas City

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